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Check out Bowen's new poetry corner at the Hearth Gallery

Matilda adjusting a poem on a poetry board
The Hearth's Matilda Shapland adjusts a poem on the arts organization's new (already being used) poetry board.


The Hearth Gallery now has a outdoor bulletin board with one half specifically reserved for poetry (thanks for the idea, Andy). This space is to post a poem for anyone to enjoy. We believe in supporting all arts on Bowen…visual, written, performing, etc. at this cultural corner. The poem can remain on the board, however may be ‘borrowed’ by someone who just can’t live without it. Consider that as the ultimate compliment! We have ordered a laminator so we can at least protect the poem from the weather. 

So please drop off (handwritten, illustrated, typewritten, etc) or email your poem to Or just pop over to the Hearth and post your poem on the board (use the magnets to attach).

Happy writing!

Jami Scheffer,

Hearth executive director