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Letter: A Thanksgiving note from the Bowen Barber

Sheila Hunter
Sheila Hunter Tubic returned to the Bowen Barber Shop in July.


Happy Thanksgiving Bowen.

It’s been two months now since I reopened the Barber Shop, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, it only seems right for me to reach out and extend my gratitude to everyone who helped me get ready for my opening on July 29, including local trades workers, business owners, family and friends.  

A huge thanks as well, to the remarkable customers who have supported me from the start, both new ones and old ones.

Bowen is such an amazing community. It has been so inspiring and motivating to get the Barber Shop back up and running, and while it will be another week until I’ve finished the decorating, the place feels welcoming and positive.  

Positivity is so important to everyone right now, as everything seems gloomy with COVID-19 still on the horizon. People need good vibes and a place to feel comfortable and safe, and that’s been one of my goals from the start.

I’m not on Facebook, and don’t have online bookings, so a number of walk-by customers have asked to have the blackboard back so they can write in their preferred appointment times rather than texting me. I love suggestions like this. It’s more personal, and I’m happy to say I’ve just added that blackboard option back to the wall in the alcove. 

I may be a small business, but the cove is a neighbourhood, and to me my customers are all neighbours, no matter where they live, and their  voices count. 

That’s why I am trying to promote shopping local as well. It seems cliché to say “support local,” but with tourist season ending, we are mostly all locals now. 

So, to all my old-timer customers, and to all the new customers who have taken the time and effort to pop in for a cut, or to bring their kids in for a cut, thank you so much! Your feedback and support are invaluable.

Happy Thanksgiving Bowen.  

Sheila Hunter Tubic