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Letter: Dock at Ecclestone Beach is not a compromise

In response to the DVP application for a dock at Ecclestone Beach before Bowen Island Municipal Council May 10


I would like to comment on your coverage of the April 12 meeting of the Bowen Island Council. The “compromise” regarding a private dock at Ecclestone Beach doesn’t seem to really be a compromise. The proposed dock has not yet been approved and the chance of it being approved should be non-existent, given the illegal aspects of such a structure in that location or at any other public beach location around Bowen for that matter.

My family and I have been residents on Miller Road for the past 20 years and our daughter has grown up in this neighbourhood and values Ecclestone Beach highly. The intrusion of a very large dock would be an affront to all of Bowen’s ecological regulations and a gross intrusion on the neighbourhood users of the public right of way to a designated public beach.

We are strongly opposed to this proposed dock and urge mayor and council to turn down the application.

Andrew Todd