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LETTER: On the edge of achieving great things

Dear Editor: Bowen Island is on the edge of achieving great things, things that the community has wanted and needed for decades.

Dear Editor: 

Bowen Island is on the edge of achieving great things, things that the community has wanted and needed for decades. “Provide diverse housing!” “Bring healthcare close to home!” “Create gathering places for all!” 

These three cries from the community have come loud and clear for many years. 

Thanks to the herculean efforts of B.I. Resilient Community Housing, B.I. Health Centre Foundation, B.I. Municipality and the B.I. Arts Council, we are very close to realizing the community’s vision.

In both 2014 and 2017, the Bowen Island Community Foundation sponsored Vital Conversations, an event to understand the community’s needs and priorities from the broad range of people who live on Bowen Island. These insights guide this foundation’s work for community granting. Now with the reality of diverse housing, a health care centre and a community centre we are closer to becoming the Bowen Island we want to be:  Bowen Island is our community, our home. It is a place of safety and belonging. 

A place where the young learn from the old and the old learn from the young.

On Bowen we encourage and accept everyone; all are respected, all voices heard. Our differences make us stronger.

Here, all have options for secure and affordable shelter. Our vulnerable are safe and warm. Those who work on Bowen, can live on Bowen.

On Bowen everyone has convenient and timely access to on-island healthcare, professional resources and services when we need them.

Bowen is a place where the protection of our natural environment—our greatest asset—is carefully considered in every decision we make. We live harmoniously and in concert with Mother Nature.

Bowen is a role model for green living, bringing positive change into the world.

Bowen is a place where the community gathers frequently with friends and neighbours, giving us the opportunity to share our stories and strengthen our bonds, surrounded by support and caring.

On Bowen we collectively take responsibility for raising the next generation with strong values and dreams.

Bowen is a place where we give back. Do our part. Are involved. A place where we are all united in our efforts to do and be the best we can.

Bowen Island is our community. It is our home.

(Based on Vital Conversations, 2017.)

Your Community Foundation thanks and supports all those that have spent their time and donated their resources to making housing, healthcare, and gathering places a reality for the community. 

B.I.C.F. chairs past and present: Holly Graff, 2019 – Present;  David Podmore, O.B.C., 2018 – 2019; Soren Hammerberg, 2014 – 2018; Joyce Ganong, Chair 2010 – 2014; Murray Atherton, Chair 2008 – 2010; Bruce Greyell, Chair 2002 - 2008