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Letter: Thank you to the kind strangers of Bowen


We just wanted to express our appreciation for the thoughtfulness and care we received on our visit to Bowen Island. This was our very trip to Bowen Island and we just thought, let’s see what Bowen Island is about. This trip was on July 30, 2021 and we had planned to make it a day trip only. 

Getting off the ferry, we started to explore that area first. It was lovely: so many shops, great gift selections, the art was breathtaking – really unique. The tourist information officer at the tourist bureau was really pleasant, helpful, very charming. Bowen Island is very lucky to have her – she was really good. Sorry, I forgot to get her name. 

When we had asked about swimming in that area, the tourist bureau suggested we check out Pebbly Beach, explaining to us that because of the steep hill going down to the beach, a lot of people will park their car at the top and just walk down to the beach. So that is what we did and, not asking beforehand, we did not realize there were no changing stations. 

It was quite a warm day – I was just cooking to death. I do not like the heat! Anyway, David says he will go up and bring the car down closer to us and we can change in the car. He suggests that I stay down there on a hillside in the shade. 

When David gets back up to the car, he passes out. There were these two couples who saw David falling, they had come rushing (I heard about this later) to assist him. I think David was unconscious only for a few minutes but anyway, they called the ambulance. Just before the ambulance gets there, the two gentlemen come down the steep hill to get me. 

Now, what I have heard on different news reports, this is not normal. People just do not help strangers. Wasn’t I always told by my mother ‘Linda do not talk to strangers, you never know what they will do.’ 

Well, these people were remarkable, honest to Pete, they stayed until the ambulance arrived, everything. David and I really, really appreciate the attention, assistance. Again, sorry I never got their names. We owe them big time. 

The ambulance took us (I cannot drive as I was born with a vision defect) to the emergency water ferry, which transported us to another ambulance and then off to Lions Gate Hospital. Myself, I think David was probably rushing up the hill in the heat, not taking any breaks and it was just too much. He didn’t have any water on him, so that didn’t help. He checked out fine at the hospital and we got the ferry back to get the car and head back to Port Coquitlam. Like I said to David, we will have to go over again to Bowen and maybe stay a couple of days. 

Looking on the internet today was advised there are 48 municipal beaches on Bowen Island and I’m sure they don’t all have steep hills and I’m sure there are changing stations. 

Thank you, thank you, thanks a million. We really owe those people who assisted us, the ambulance crew, everyone. 

David & Linda Hollahan