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Letter: We don’t need more red tape

Dear Editor: 

A couple of weeks ago I got a paper in the mail called ‘The Bowenian.’

They want to restrict tree removal on your property and the amount of blasting an owner can do. 

I just removed about 15 dead and dying hemlock and cedar trees this year. They were on solid bedrock with about six inches of dirt. I should have cut them down 20 years ago. 

I don’t want to have to go to the muni to get approval. 

If they get their way on the blasting restrictions, this would mean a blasting bylaw. 

In West Vancouver it takes two to three months to get a permit. That’s all we need – more bureaucracy. 

It is now taking two to three months for a building permit. 

If this goes to council in the fall as that paper says, I hope that council is open for in-person business, not a Zoom call. 

There is a lot of dead hemlock on-island, which is a real fire hazard and no access roads for ground crews to get to. 

Luckily, we don’t get the lightning strikes that the interior does. 

It’s too bad these people weren’t as passionate about the farmland that is disappearing. When you lose it, it won’t come back. 

Gary Anderson

Metro Blasting