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Letter: ‘What’s going on’ with all the tree cutting?


Like the song by Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On.”  As I drive around Bowen Island I’ve noticed some changes that are not positive ones. 

Yes, we have some great amenities and some wonderful improvements have been made for everyone. My husband and I are grateful to live on Bowen. 

My parents, who are now deceased, moved to the island over 30 years ago. 

They came for the peace, quiet and isolation. My mom loved the deer and the squirrels she fed. 

We, on the other hand, came from the concrete jungle of Vancouver where it is crowded and expensive. What has us concerned is the massive development. There is lots of clear-cutting of trees going on. Huge houses are being built. Our house is a modest size and we are happy with it. My dad built our house. 

If the pace of development continues, Bowen will be unrecognizable in a few years. 

It has happened to other islands. 

What makes this island so beautiful are the trees the beaches and wildlife. A community atmosphere exists and the people are friendly. We have to think of what is best for Bowen. We must look to nature and keep it close! It is a gift. Once the trees go, this will no longer be the island we know and love. 

We should have a tree bylaw! 

Let’s keep our island beautiful for the future and protect our surroundings.

Thank you,

Roger and Barbara Mcgown