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LETTER - When it comes to LNG, controversy reigns

Dear Editor, At 5 p.m. on Monday, Gordon Wilson, LNG – Buy BC Advocate spoke to our Council on LNG Opportunities.
collins hall
Close to 130 people packed Collins Hall on Monday for a meeting on the proposed Woodfibre LNG export facility near Squamish. The evening was hosted by Concerned Citizens-Bowen.

Dear Editor,

At 5 p.m. on Monday, Gordon Wilson,  LNG – Buy BC Advocate spoke to our Council on LNG Opportunities. He, among  many points, claimed that fracking is not as damaging as suggested  and that the use of Dawson Creek waste water significantly reduces the quantity of potable water wasted. He found similar soft answers to all contentious issues on LNG.

Captain Stephen Brown,  President of BC Chamber of Shipping followed with arguments that LNG Tankers in Howe Sound would be totally safe. He lost all credibility with me when he emphatically stated that “LNG is very safe, it does not even burn.” He did not clarify that if spilled, LNG will immediately start to gasify and become extremely explosive.

Two hours later, the Concerned Citizens-Bowen, Public Information Meeting at Collins Hall commenced with overflow attendance of about 130, standing room only. There were off-island guests, including representatives from My Sea to Sky, 

The Future of Howe Sound Society, BC Spaces for Nature and the Wilderness Committee.  Two of our Councillors, Sue Ellen Fast and Maureen Nicholson, came as soon as the Council Meeting ended. We also had in attendance two women from Resource Works, who appear to shadow all such meetings. Also there was a representative from Jordan Sturdy's office.

Dr. Eoin Finn PhD. Physical Chemistry’s, BSc, MBA  International Economics, carried the meeting with an excellent explanation of Natural Gas from the ground, through the pipelines and liquefaction to  storage, the supertankers, shipping lanes and export. He also discussed and explained the financial and economic complexity of the proposed project.   

Dr. Finn, who has done research into “Safety, Climate, Environmental and economic aspects of BC’s proposed LNG industry,” gave a powerful presentation providing a comprehensive and compelling overview of the negative safety, climate, environmental and economic risks of LNG in Howe Sound.

Concerned Citizens-Bowen asks that you write to the Environmental Assessment office and your Provincial and Federal representatives. expressing your concerns. The new website  will give you names and addresses and suggested letters. It also has links to resources from  My Sea to Sky and Future of Howe Sound.

If you missed this meeting, Eoin Finn will again address the Public at Glen Eagles Golf Course on April 1st.  All details will follow and there may be a bus from Bowen and back.

Dai Roberts

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