Ming is turning 84!

Dear Editor,
I wanted to take the occasion of my father’s birthday to report that he is doing well in his new care home in North Vancouver.
If you don't know my father, for seven years, he walked everyday along Eaglecliff Road.
Thank you everyone for not hitting my dad!
It was wonderful to know that people were looking out for my dad and took time to chat with him. People would tell me that he was safe, walking facing traffic but that really only happen fifty percent of the time. My dad told me many people would wave to him as they drove by and even offered to drive him home when it was raining which he always refused because he didn't know them but he didn't realize everyone knew him. All the bus drivers were so wonderful and took time to talk.
One day Hal had a bus full of Chinese tourist and stopped to let my dad on the bus. He told my dad to say something to the group but they didn't seem to respond. My dad just said, "Ah different village" and turned and walked off the bus.
I would like to thank Susan who was so kind and took my dad for walks, as well as Nadine, Lonnie and Natasha who welcomed my dad into their home. He will always remember the suppers he enjoyed and watching wrestling with his good friend. Thank you to all my friends and Bob who supported me so that my father could be part of this wonderful community.
Nancy Lee

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