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Mailbox: ShelterBox homes on the way

Reader encouraged by Bowen's show of support for Ukraine
Pysanky egg print
Lynn's latest egg represents a prayer for a fellow member of the pysanky community.

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for supporting our Bowen Rotary Shelterbox Fundraiser for Ukraine. We very much appreciate your publishing about our humanitarian campaign to help in Ukraine. 

I have sent you a photo of one of the eggs I wrote this year with a background story as to the reason why. The pysanka is a very old traditional design from the Radekhiv region in Lviv Province, Ukraine. 

I have been following a group on social media called Pysanky for Ukraine, who have been posting pictures of pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) that they have made to honour, support and send prayers and good wishes to Ukraine and to its people. With about 8,000 members all over the world writing messages of goodwill a few noticed and worried that no one had seen any pysanky photos from a usually very active member living in Ukraine. When she actually managed to upload a photo of her work, members noticed she had written all her eggs in red and white and were worried about why?

She explained to another contributor that when she was forced to flee her home she grabbed her kytska (beeswax writing pen) and some packet of dyes. Turns out she only grabbed the red ones. My egg is a prayer for her. A tribute to that writer with best wishes for her health, safety and future.

So far, Bowen Rotary has managed to raise the funding for at least 4 shelter boxes (which can house up to 10 people with all the household supplies needed) - thanks to the generosity of Bowen Islanders. Not all totals are in yet from those who paid directly to (and referenced Bowen Island fundraiser) so we are hopeful that it is more. There is still time for people who would like to contribute to do so by giving donations at 1219 Miller Road or by calling 604-947-2315 for information.

Thank you so much for supporting Bowen Rotary.

Best Wishes,

- Lynn Krukowski