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Candidate Questions and Answers: George Zawadzki

George Zawadzki is running for council
George Zawadzki

1. What triggered you to make this step and run for municipal office?
After two unsuccessful campaigns for a seat on council in ‘08 and ‘11, I vowed to myself that I was done. However, as this eleciton’s submission deadline neared, I thought about how we as a community still lack some of the most basic amenities. After so much optimistic talk from our current mayor and council during last election, I felt that opportunities to accomplish what was promised were wasted because more effort was spent at “getting even” with opposing political camps, than “bridging the gap,” and that never really sat well with me.
2. What common ground do you share with the other candidates running in this election?
Plenty. The most obvious being our sense of, and love for the community.  The fact that we all decided to run for office and are prepared to spend the next four years doing what many call a thankless job is a testament to that.
3. What are your top three priorities for Bowen?
Work on bridging the gap, and rebuilding trust between the “pro environment” and “pro development” camps, getting the Community Centre back on track and built, and by working closely with all community stakeholders, local businesses, local groups and organizations, and the public, I will provide this community with one the most basic services every other community in the world has, yet for some reason, we shamefully lack... a taxi service that will pick up and deliver everywhere our current Translink bus service doesn’t.
4. Tell me about the community work you have done that you are most proud of.
BowenTV! BowenTV! BowenTV!  The greatest labour of love in my entire life.   The four years I spent filming/editing all the people and events on this island gave me so much insight into almost every aspect of this wonderful community.  I am forever grateful to all those islanders who allowed me and my camera to enter their lives, and put their trust me to showcase the best Bowen had to offer.

 5. How will you work to make council open to the concerns and ideas of all Bowen Islanders?
 Engaging the public via social media.  Whether it is encouraging them to be part of the process, or sharing every step of the process I’m legally allowed to, with them.  I think it’s great the municipality has improved their public engagement by improving their online presence with a new website and the filming of council meetings, but I also feel they need to enhance it by also stepping into the social media arena as well.
6. What do you love most about living on Bowen Island?
My friends and family, the islands rural charm, culture and diversity, and the fact that it’s not the city. 

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