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Bowen Island skincare clinic uses European techniques and products to treat skin conditions and maintain optimal skin health

ArteBella combines medical and holistic approaches to provide comprehensive skincare treatments

"People forget how important it is to take care of their skin," says medical aesthetician and founder of skincare clinic ArteBella Netherlands Anita Rullens. 

"Growing up, it was very normal to see your aesthetician once a month; it was part of regular self-care. Unfortunately, I think it's often perceived as a luxury, beautifying yourself—and yes, that's a benefit—but it's really about skin health."

Together with her daughter, Kira Ptak, founder of ArteBella Canada, they form a dynamic synergy across the ArteBella brand, providing clients with cosmeceutical bioactive and organic skincare combined with the latest technologies and cutting-edge medical skincare procedures.

"We offer the full range of skincare and holistic health, including lifestyle recommendations and examining the root cause of conditions manifesting in the skin," Rullens explains. "It's important to look at a client's history because everybody has different genetics, lifestyles, and stress levels. We implement a comprehensive initial consultation.”

"Our customization is an important aspect of what we offer,” Ptak adds. “It distinguishes us from other clinics, where you choose from a menu of treatments. From our customized product plans to our techniques—everything is specific to the person and the circumstance on the day itself."

Ptak’s interest in natural healing led her to combine treatments with customized herbal essences, oils, healing touch, and energy work.

Where holistic treatments meet medical expertise

Rullens’ experience is vast and varied. She was the first certified and licensed aesthetician in Phoenix, Arizona, where she worked with plastic surgeons, assisting and observing procedures for over 20 years, gaining unique insight into the most advanced techniques and the skin itself.

"I gained hands-on experience to properly assess, treat, and prepare patients for surgery and provide the proper aftercare," she recalls. "This resulted in not only better results, but safety in the application of lasers, deeper peels, and other procedures."

Having spent the past decade in Europe, Ptak and Rullens have gained experience with techniques and products, now being introduced into the Canadian market.

European products, state-of-the-art treatments

Photo via: ArteBella.

"There are a lot of products out there containing damaging ingredients, and over 70% gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which can cause side-effects, for example hormone disruption," explains Rullens.

"After years of [and continued] research, I have found safer and effective product lines."

The team is also excited to introduce a new line from Italy to be featured in its medical treatments – Purasomes. These are one of Europe’s most exciting innovations in medical aesthetics, known for its anti-aging properties and rejuvenation effects through its ability to reprogram, repair, reverse, and restructure skin cells.   

ArteBella treatments include a wide range of light and medium-depth peels, organic facials, and microneedling, which stimulates the skin to repair itself, and plasma light therapy, a highly effective non-surgical skincare procedure with diverse applications, including eyelid lifts by addressing skin laxity, as well as treating scars, moles, and other lesions.

The mother/daughter duo takes pride in facilitating the process of making choices that truly make a difference in their client’s skin health.

"I enjoy helping our clients relax," says Ptak. "We don't make enough time for that in our lives these days."

Rullens adds, "It's a pleasure to be able to offer a service to the Bowen Island community that they welcome; it's very gratifying for me."

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