Family Taekwondo classes start in January

For the last decade, Bowen Island Taekwondo has offered classes to adults and children of our community. A committed student of Taekwondo can earn a black belt in this powerful and ancient martial art in three to five years as an ever growing group of islanders have done. The year-round, bi-weekly training in a friendly and supportive environment quickly leads the Taekwondo practitioner to a stronger body, mind and spirit. Training under the capable guidance of a devoted master instils confidence and self-discipline.

Taekwondo is a very popular martial arts form around the world, practiced by approximately 40 million people in 167 countries. It is also an Olympic sport. Taekwondo provides a wonderful fitness and self-defence regime for children as young as five years old to adults. Beginners and advanced practitioners benefit from the stretching and cardio work-out, and there is something wonderfully cathartic about the "kihop": the focussed cry that accompanies the movements.

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Some nine years later, Bowen Taekwondo has a wonderful home in Artisan Square under the guidance of Master InDuk Jang. Master Jang has taken over Bowen Taekwondo in late 2011. His training in Taekwondo started when he was nine, and his passion led him to pursue the path of professional martial artist. After high school he trained in many different martial arts forms: kickboxing, kung fu, judo, Hapkido(Korean soft martial arts) andKumdo (Korean sword), but his preference led him back to Taekwondo and Kumdo, which he pursued in Korea at the Taekwondo University. His credentials include a sixth Dan blackbelt in both Taekwondo and Kumdo and a fourth Dan blackbelt in Hapkido. His love of Taekwondo and Kumdo is shared by his wife, Suna Park, who holds a third Dan black belt in Taekwondo and a fourth Dan blackbelt in Kumdo. Their two children, Yuna and Jake also love Taekwondo, their shared training is an opportunity to spend more time together as a family.

Family training is one of the wonderful additions that Master Jang is bringing to Bowen Island Taekwondo. In addition to the current schedule, Master Jang will offer a family class starting in January 2012. Master Jang says, "Taekwondo has brought me joy andhealth and has taught me confidence andperseverance which I want to share with my students."

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