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18th Annual Mini Artworks Exhibit & Auction

We are all Collectors: Will you be adding to your collection or finding your first piece?
Mini Art Show
The Mini Artworks

A legacy of creation, collection and appreciation is celebrated at this year’s Annual Mini Artworks Exhibit & Auction. We are all Collectors: Will you be adding to your collection or finding your first piece? As the Hearth team planned this exciting 18th annual show, we marvelled at the number of mini artworks that had been donated and bought over its 17 previous incarnations. At last year’s event 80 artists donated works and we expect a similar number this year. It is truly amazing to think about how many mini artworks might be displayed in Bowen homes right now.

This event is a big deal because it offers a unique and fun way to showcase established and up-and-coming artists and brings together those who appreciate and support them. It is a significant fundraiser for the Hearth and will enable future creative and community projects. We hope this year’s theme of art collection will highlight this legacy and bring the spotlight back onto some of the wonderful masterpieces of previous years. This year’s collection of new work is on display from February 4, 11 am to 5 pm (Thurs-Mon).

The Hearth invites people to interact with us on social media – let us know if you own one or a number of mini artworks. What does the work mean to you? How many pieces form your collection? Will you share some images with us? Collectively Bowen Islanders have so many memories and stories associated with the galas and artworks over the years. We want to hear about your stories and memories! Join us on The Hearth Facebook and Instagram pages as we share pictures of the works we have purchased and what they mean to us now.

We are all collectors: experts claim that the need to collect is a universal human fascination. We may not all collect art, or other objects of desire, but we do collect experiences, memories, pieces of language etc. making us all collectors at some level. Collection of even one piece of art involves the anticipation of how it will look in our home, how it will change our relationship with our space and what it will add to our daily lives.

I can only agree with Burt Reynolds 1983 comment that “the more the art dominated my life and my house, the more the house became a home” (Architectural Digest). I bid successfully on a Janet Esseiva mini artwork in 2010, and I have loved it ever since. Perhaps you are a newcomer to Bowen Island, or a newcomer to the Mini Artworks Exhibit & Auction, in which case we welcome you and wonder – will this be the year you find your first piece? Seasoned collectors have described the experience of finding a first or new piece as akin to falling in love at first sight. Are you ready to fall in love?

The show opens to the public on Friday, February 4 until Friday, February 25 with a grand Auction Finale on Saturday, February 26! Much like last year, COVID restrictions mean the traditional gala has been reimagined into a series of ticketed events with music by DJ Yeshe, bar service and delectable appetizers from Flat Fusion Foods. You choose what level of ticket to purchase, and the competitive bidding is taken to a new level of enthusiasm and fun. Ticket information and purchase at the gallery from February 4, or contact us for more information –

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