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Bowen CAWES finds a home for little Luc

Amidst a tragic situation, there was comfort for an owner and his long-time faithful friend
Luc rescue print
Senior dog Luc has found a new home.

Some of you might have noticed an obituary in the paper for Tim Harding last week. We, at CAWES, never actually met Tim but responded to a call to take his dog into care, as he had already left to go to the hospital. We are told Tim was a great, fun-loving fellow, who loved all animals.

But his dog, Luc was his very much-loved companion and friend. CAWES executive director, Kim Sinclair arrived at the marina (as they lived on a boat) around 9:30 pm after a day in the big city. Kim will always jump in with both feet to help any animal in need and was prepared to take Luc, not knowing what breed he was or much about him at all.

This is where our story takes a kind of cosmic twist. It turned out that Luc was Kim’s favourite breed, a little chihuahua. 17-year-old Luc is partially blind and mostly deaf, so he needs a little extra care for his rather advanced age!

CAWES/Kim looked after little Luc for 3.5 months, while always keeping in contact with Tim by sending photos and videos to let Tim know his beloved friend was well and loved. Sadly, Tim passed away July 12.

So, the first question on everyone’s mind was - what happened to Luc? Absolutely nothing. He will continue to stay with Kim and live out his twilight years safe and spoilt in the care of CAWES at Kim’s home. He has a new “brother” and many wonderful CAWES volunteers that love him and help Kim with his needs when she is out of the home.

This is a wonderful “meant to be” outcome and Tim was happy in the knowledge his faithful companion of 17 years was safe in the arms of Kim/CAWES. The moral of our story? Simply, CAWES will always be there when you need help for your furry, fluffy, feathered, or scaly friends.

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