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Bowen Community Health Centre busy building and recruiting

The Health Centre's recruitment push is aiming for family practitioners to fill the space

The new Community Health Centre continues to develop as recognizable rooms are now taking shape at the Miller Road site.

With construction well underway, and an anticipated opening date of next summer, the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation is now fully in recruitment mode to fill these new spaces, with the focus on drawing family practitioners such as physicians and nurse practitioners.

While efforts so far have primarily been via word-of-mouth, the Foundation says there will be a shift to close out 2022 and into the new year as the team seeks out specific professionals they believe will bring the most success to the Health Centre. They’re confident construction progress will assist in this cause.

Word-of-mouth has attracted interest though. Three practitioners visited the site last month, with 14 total inquiries so far. The Foundation says four practitioners have expressed serious interest in joining the pair of existing on-island physicians who will be in the new centre.

They added while there’s much work still to do, the expressions of interest have been encouraging, especially given the difficulties of attracting family practitioners to rural environments in B.C.