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Bowen Views - May 7: Hummingbirds and Dogwoods

A Rufous Hummingbird and trio of vibrant trees were some of our photo highlights of the week

A stunning Rufous Hummingbird was captured by Haig Farris at Fairweather, the first one he’s ever seen there. This bird is about 8 cm long and are stellar flyers, travelling 2,000 miles during migration. Haig also spotted a loon illegally crabbing without a licence, and quickly informed the proper authorities.

On the vegetation front, Murray Atherton snapped a picture of B.C.’s official tree, the Dogwood, in bloom at Eagle Cliff. He also grabbed a shot of a garden in the opening hours of May. And Bill Granger managed a group shot of the Magnolia Alexandria, Andromeda Forest Flame, and Bloodgood Japanese Maple all opening up at the same time in Deep Bay.