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Here are January's Bowen Island RCMP statistics: 63 calls for service

Cpl. Koehle also asks Bowen Islanders to be careful in the morning commute chaos
Bowen Island RCMP detachment. (Photo: file)

The Bowen Island RCMP responded to 63 calls for service in January of 2021:

  • 6 of those files were related to traffic complaints or enforcement;
  • 2 of those files were assaults involving a weapon;
  • 2 of those files were requests to check a person’s well-being;
  • 3 of those files were reports of theft;
  • 4 of those files were requests to assist injured wildlife;
  • 2 of those files were mischiefs to property;
  • 1 of those files was a report of a telephone fraud.

Most mornings, I have the opportunity to observe the chaos that ensues as students and commuters make their way through Snug Cove on their way to the 7:30 a.m. ferry. Although sometimes amusing (the traffic jam on the dock while people try to turn around reminds me of Austin Powers driving a golf cart) I let out a sigh of relief every time the boat leaves without any casualties. 

Please don’t pull down to the dock to drop people off while the ferry is loading. Using the prescribed pedestrian drop-off locations across from the library along Cardena Rd. doesn’t impact the ferry line, and it only takes an able-bodied person a few seconds to travel from there to the terminal. Even less if they jog. If you’ind re running late for the sailing, please don’t speed down Bowen Island Trunk Rd. It’s still dark in the mornings and it can be difficult to see pedestrians, most of whom are children on their way to school. It should go without saying, but never pass a school bus. Don’t do a U-turn in the intersection of Cardena Rd. and Bowen Island Trunk Rd., the round-a-bout is more effective and it won`t impact the rest of the vehicles or buses that are heading down to drop pedestrians.

I understand that the person you are dropping at the ferry is important to you. I understand that you want them to get there in a timely manner. However, the other children and people waiting at the terminal are equally as important to their loved ones. Please be considerate and patient, and recognize that we all ride the boat together. Relax, we`re on island time.