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It was so wet on Bowen last weekend, even the goats wore raincoats

The goats are familiar faces around Grafton Lake as they were hired to mow the lawns (and later fired)

An atmospheric river drenched Bowen with 132.6 mm of rain between Oct. 12 and Oct. 17 (as recorded on Westside Road by Anne Franc de Ferrière-Chollat & André Chollat). It was so wet that even local goats Pickles and Peanut donned rain coats last weekend. 

“It was a birthday surprise for a visitor from Vancouver, from his girlfriend, Maria, and his brother. They all endured the downpour thanks to some delicious Cocoa West hot chocolate,” writes “goat parent” Kristina Calli.

If the goats seem familiar, earlier this year developer John Reid hired them and “big sister” Vegas the horse to mow the lawns of the Lakelands development at Grafton Lake. “But alas, the boys were let go due to their propensity for eating fruit trees,” says Calli. “Now they just get to take people on walks around Grafton Lake.”  

Can’t get enough of Pickles and Peanut? You’re in luck –they have an Instagram account @peanutpicklesnfriends.