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Here's what we know is and isn't happening for Halloween on Bowen

No Fire Department fireworks and Deep Bay’s participation more muted than the community celebrations of non-pandemic years; pumpkin carving at Bowen Island Integrated Health
Fake Halloween skeletons around a campfire
A couple of skeletons on Whitesails Dr. have a socially distanced visit in October 2020.

No Haunted Yard, no community fireworks

Dear community of Bowen Island and all the amazing neighbourhood groups who love Halloween on Bowen: 

I have had a few people asking “what is happening with Halloween this year.” My answer is that I believe that we all want to have another safe Halloween and to observe all current health protocols. I hear, similar to last year, that various neighbourhoods will step up and create trick-or-treating opportunities all across Bowen Island. 

I’m planning on making something to have trick-or-treating be fun...perhaps a long candy tube to deliver treats and and a few decorations up, but nothing too major. I won’t have a haunted yard again this year as I don’t want to risk too many people in one place at one time.

In checking in with various other people in the Loop area, the common sentiment is similar: that we can’t go back to the pre-pandemic-style Halloween for 2021, but there will be a few people decorating and open to receiving trick-or-treaters to keep the spirit of the event alive. Most people I spoke to are saying that around 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. is when they expect trick or treaters to be out and about. I’ve heard that individuals in various neighbourhoods are going to post more Halloween information on Facebook closer to the day, and there is a rumour someone is creating a Halloween map?

Haunted Bowen is still on hiatus,  I am not organizing anything community-wide for 2021, and there are no B.I. Volunteer Fire Department fireworks again this year. So, similar to last year, so there are no plans for big community Halloween activities.

Although we can’t all gather together on the Causeway watching the fireworks, I hope that these new traditions of neighbourhood-based fun continue to keep the Halloween spirit alive all across Bowen and that everyone will have a safe and happy Halloween this year!

Sarah Haxby

Pumpkin carving contest in the Cove

Bowen Island Integrated Health is holding its second annual pumpkin carving contest. 

Carved pumpkins can be dropped off at the clinic the week leading up to Halloween (Oct. 25 to 29). All the masterpieces will be displayed outside the clinic at Village Square leading up to Halloween.

Submissions will be shared on BIIH’s Facebook page on the evening of Oct. 29 and voting will be done virtually by “liking” the photos of favourite pumpkins. Voting will be open until noon Oct. 30 with winners announced in the afternoon. That evening, there’ll be a pumpkin lighting party from  5 p.m. to 6 p.m. where everyone can take part in spooky games, pick up grab bags and prizes for the winners! After the lighting, contestants can take their pumpkins home.

Don’t want to grab a gourd yourself? BIIH will be taking donations at the clinic for pumpkin sponsors who want to let them buy a pumpkin from local suppliers and donate it to a youngster who’s willing and eager to get carving!

The contest is for everyone with winners selected for every age group. Mom and Dad can help little monsters not yet ready to carve. 

In addition to generous prizes from BIIH, they are accepting donations from other businesses and people in the community. So, if you’d like to stoke the bonfire of creativity by donating a prize, let them know.

Edited from BIIH’s Facebook post

Editor's note: Is your neighbourhood holding a Halloween event? Let us know!