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Meet your Bowen Island Neighbours: Paul Tennant

Our weekly series continues
Paul Tennant

When did you come to Bowen?

I moved here in 2002.

How did you come to be on Bowen? 

In the 1990s my UBC department held a retreat at Bowen Island Lodge. After several more visits, I knew that Bowen was a much better place for me than Vancouver, so I moved here just before I retired from UBC. I soon realized that Bowen is not merely a better place, it’s the ideal place.

Where on Bowen do you live?


What’s your favourite part of Bowen?

 Belterra. I have wonderful neighbours, wonderful views, there are lots of birds, and the Cove is within walking distance. 
What’s your favourite fact or story?

People have been on Bowen for thousands of years. Ancient stone tools have been found at various places, including Belterra, and several beach sites have been modified for canoe launching and landing. Yet there is a fairly common belief that Indigenous peoples never came here, and so have no rights or interests today.

What’s something Bowen Islanders have in common?

Willingness to help one another, whether neighbour or visitor, and whether it’s merely giving advice, directions or something more substantial.

What are you doing for fun these days?

I enjoy our Belterra pot-luck dinners, which we’ve just resumed, being Covid-cautious, of course. But most of all, I enjoy keeping in touch with my four sons and their families — including my 12 grandchildren. 

When you’re going around Killarney Lake, do you turn left or right? 

I’m wishy-washy on this one: I allow whomever I’m with to lead the way.