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No flaws in Bowen author’s new book

Q&A with Jude Neale, who has a new book of poems out titled The Flaw
Jude Neale 2
Jude Neale in Greece.

Bowen author Jude Neale has recently wrapped up writing of her new book of poetry, The Flaw. Currently in Greece, the Undercurrent caught up with Neale to ask some questions about how the project came to be.

This is your 11th book, and you just had your 10th last year? How do you keep up the pace?

I guess the short answer is I’m driven! I set aside two months a year where I make up my own writing prompts and come up with 70 or more poems. I also am involved in a lot of collaborations, which keeps me disciplined and productive. Last year I published two books because of this. The Flaw has 100 poems in it this year. Everything about the human condition inspires me.

What is the subject matter and themes of your new book, The Flaw?

As usual it is an intimate examination of myself and relationships. In this book I talk of lots of controversial issues as well. I am highly motivated to write about what is going on in the world - from genocide to war, death and love.

Where did you write the book? (Ie. at your house, out in nature, etc.)

I write on my Iphone! Usually from Midnight to 4 am. It’s the absolute sleeping world I like!

and... related to that, what does a typical day of writing look like for you? Or is it a little different every day!

I don’t write everyday. A word or phrase will pop into my head and I’m off. When I first started publishing I’d spend six to 10 hours on a poem. Now I edit as I go and each poem takes me about an hour. I write best under pressure, like so many other artists.

Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

This book is heavily inspired by nature, family, and the state of the world, both nationally and internationally. I try to move people by being authentic and accessible.

Do you have a favourite poem from The Flaw?

Yes I do. Carrying Light:

carrying light in the blackness      I struck      

a match      a    lone      spark         

illuminated     all I      couldn’t       see

i had     forgotten       the wonder

written across     the obsidian    sky

or       the sound       of your breath

rocking      my worries        to sleep

through this       december    night

i have gathered     you      to my breast  

like a clutch        of snowdrops

shining white     and        small

against the     infinite      band   

of velvet    stretched      taut  above 

us        holding   our          love 

on  the      glittering blade     

of a       knife 

What do you hope readers come away with after finishing your book?

That love matters most. That hard things have to be talked about, in a way that gives us hope, beauty and grace. I hope to transform the reader for a time, and to elevate and move through rich and evocative language.

The Flaw can be bought online at