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Roaming Bowen in Spirit

A Bowen staple is gone
The Mastodon is now a piece of Bowen lore.

An open letter regarding the mastodon from the artist,

The mastodon is gone. I disassembled and removed it earlier this week. I want to thank everyone who embraced this art installation. I was surprised and humbled by the appreciation and respect shown by the community for this unique project. I loved hearing stories from people stumbling upon it for the first time, and from those young and old who created their own connection to this piece. 

“Mourn” was a sculpture of an American mastodon, the first species that scientists recognized as having gone extinct. They are fundamental to our understanding of extinction. This art installation was a message of conservation. Let its loss be a reminder of the species that are in peril today, and an opportunity for reflection on how to protect our natural world. 

“Mourn” was never meant to last forever; I’m happy that I made it and that people enjoyed it, but it was time. I am at peace with this decision and I hope the community can be too. 

Keep on exploring: you never know what you might stumble upon.