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Still Life in Motion, a Live Art Event at the Hearth Gallery

This unique art event - still-life with a twist - is taking place this Saturday, October 1
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Still Life in Motion

The Hearth is about to host a quite unique Live Art and participatory event on Bowen Island, and it all relies on your participation! No pressure…

On October 1, 12 artists will work live for four hours, creating artworks around a still life installed in the centre of the gallery. You might think that artists interpreting a still life is quite a common subject in art history, but this one is a bit different.

You, the visitors, will be the set designers of this still life! Indeed, you are invited to bring meaningful, but not too precious, objects into the gallery on October 1 from 11 am to 8 pm. Objects that keep your attention for their history, their textures, their colours, their shapes, etc… It can be anything from a beautiful piece of drift - wood you found last Summer, your favourite plant, flowers, lamp, piece of fabric, pair of shoes, the family rocking-chair, the typewriter you’ve had for so long, an old clock, a tambourine, a mirror, a rock, a book, a unique vase, ... you name it!

You can bring your objects to the gallery for just an hour, for the whole day, or leave them for the whole two-week exhibition, but don’t worry, you’ll get them back!

So, what if you stopped reading for a second to look around your house and ask yourself: Which meaningful object from my home would I like to see in a painting? Why is it meaningful to me?

Imagine we were all moving into a new place together. Like roommates, we would bring together objects and form a collective space made of different stories. This is what the artists are going to work from, as well as from ephemeral scenes and spontaneous interactions that may occur on this day.

While you will be able to drop off objects as soon as the gallery opens on October 1, the artists will start creating their artworks at 4 pm. During the Live Art event, you, again, will be able to interact with these objects, rearrange them the way you like, sit with them, or, if you feel like it, you could step into the installation to tell the story of the object you brought, you could read a poem, sing a song, strike a pose, or simply be.

At the end of this fun and promising evening, the artworks made on site will be showcased at the Hearth Gallery around the remaining still life for a two-week group exhibition.

The Hearth is inviting all the Bowen community to take part in this collective and participatory art experience, and to encourage and watch the artists at work! Still Life in Motion - A Live Art Event will take place on Saturday, October 1 from 4 pm to 8pm at the Hearth. Bring a meaningful object into the gallery (Drop-off starts at 11 am). It will be followed by a two-week group exhibition from October 2 to 16.