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The Stunning Beauty of the West Coast from Sea to Sky & Inbetween

New Hearth exhibit features works from five artists
Leslie Rowe-Israelson Glass panel
Glass panel by internationally known artist Leslie Rowe-Israelson.

The Hearth’s new group exhibition Sea to Sky & Inbetween showcases the work of five artists: Leslie Rowe-Israelson, Melanie Rowe-Prosser, Megan Parks, Kae Sarich, and Andrew Cotton Chamberlayne. It brings together unique glass work, not to be missed on Bowen Island!

Leslie, Melanie and Megan are sisters. Two of them are twins and both are internationally recognized glass artists; the third one is a talented beader. The three sisters love to share each other’s work and incorporate it into their creations. “A piece feels naked if not created with each other’s art”, they say.

This time, the three sisters are collaborating with another glass artist, Kae Sarich, and a photographer, Andrew Cotton Chamberlayne, to present this show that intends to create a space that sings to the heart of the viewer and to make them feel thankful for the stunning beauty that surrounds us.

“With our collective thought, we hope the viewer will come away inspired to go for a walk along a coastal beach or in the forest or climb a mountain perhaps with the joy a bird would feel flying in an updraft and just soaring through life.” says Leslie.

The five artists embark on a journey to share their inspiring art in a joint show depicting the beauty of the West Coast using glass panels and sculptures, photography, and glass beads. Each artist chose a slightly different perspective for the viewer.

In their chosen medium, each of them showcases a part of the environment that speaks to their soul. Leslie Rowe-Israelson’s inspiration, for example, comes from a bird’s-eye view, imagining what a bird would see while flying over mountains, rivers, and oceans in all kinds of weather. In her own way, she paints with glass by slicing and fusing glass color bars together, creating kiln formed glass landscape panels.

This show is about collaboration and sharing of visions, of going beyond one’s comfort zone, of creating a show that will make the viewers’ soul soar to new heights.

Through collaboration, the artists hope to step out of their own individual statement and vision in order to bind together in one simple song, interpreting the splendour around us.

Sea to Sky & Inbetween is on at the Hearth from September 7 to 26. The Artist pARTy is on September 10 from 6 to 8 pm with DJ Yeshe.