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More drivers wanted

The Caring Circle Driving Program has been up and running since November 2013.

The Caring Circle Driving Program has been up and running since November 2013. This program brings together volunteer drivers with people of any age, needing a drive, on or off island, to a medical or other health-related appointment, and have no other means available to them. So far we have found a drive either into town or on island for 15 Islanders who were extremely relieved and appreciative to have this service available to them.
In an effort to publicize the driver program, we have recently created a “rack card” that you will find in your mailboxes this coming week. The card will give you information about the program, how to request a drive, and how to become a volunteer driver. (If you don’t receive “junk mail,” you can pick a driver information card up at Caring Circle behind the library.) You can also find out more about the program or request a drive at our website at or call Caring Circle at 604-947-9100.
There have been some requests over the past year that we couldn’t fulfill, as there weren’t any drivers available, so we welcome additional volunteer drivers. At this time we have 12 drivers, but we would like to have 20+ drivers in our roster to increase the likelihood that we will be able to match every request with a driver. So please join the group as it’s not an onerous task. Often off-island transportation can be coordinated with days drivers might have already planned to go to town and the passenger is responsible for the ferry costs (either with a TAP form or an Experience Card), which is a bonus for the driver who might have errands to run at the same time. If you register with Caring Circle as a driver you are not obliged to commit to any specific number of drives. This program is meant to work with your schedule and your routines.
Keep your eye out for our cards in the mail this week!