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Muni Morsels: March 12 Meeting

Bits & Bites from Bowen Council
Muni Hall
Bowen Island Municipal Hall

Can We Build It?

A temporary use permit (TUP) application allowing for the manufacturing of pre-fabrication home parts will come before council next month.

Bowen-based company Kiwi Innovation expressed their intention to build a temporary facility on their currently vacant lot at 604 Grafton Road. The parcel is currently zoned for use as a gas station, but has never been used for that purpose. The TUP would allow for a building facility to be built under the light manufacturing portion of the Land Use Bylaw.

In a letter to council Kiwi said the ability to construct home parts on the island would help in the areas of waste reduction, energy and cost efficiency, and collaboration with other Bowen construction companies. Kiwi added that following the TUP period, they hope to establish a more permanent residential or commercial development on the site, depending on the availability of sewage connections at that time.

TUP conditions would include the requirement for Kiwi to remove the facility after three years – the length of the TUP – and to observe the environmental conditions of the property’s covenant. Council is scheduled to decide on the TUP at their April 8 meeting.

Factory Reset

The equipment necessary to get the Cove Bay Water Treatment Plant up and running is heading back to Ontario for repairs.

Purifics, the manufacturer of the treatment technology, will return the skid containing the water treatment technology to London, ON where it will undergo a factory reset. At that point the company says they’re confident the parts will work as expected and the plant can finally be commissioned.

“It’s unfortunate that we find ourselves still in a position of the plant not working,” said chief administrative officer Liam Edwards, but added that “We’re very hopeful that confidence does play out in the way that was described.”

Purifics says they’ll have senior staff on-site for commissioning once the skid returns to Bowen.

The process will take around two months, which would place the estimate for completion in mid-May. That date would mark three years since the plant was originally scheduled to be up and running.

Summer Move

Work continues on the Community Centre with the goal of having it operational for this summer.

Edwards explained there was significant progress happening inside the building including the installation of flooring. But he noted it was frustrating that work on the roof was not complete. The manufacturer is currently investigating whether any of the roofing materials were damaged during exposure to recent weather events, including this month’s heavy snowfall.

The hope is currently for a May opening, but Edwards said it could take several weeks for BC Hydro to fully energize the building, which would push this date into June.