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Snug Cove leash law is nearing; new planners arrive

Bowen Island council news.
BIM Emma Chow and Daniel Martin
Emma Chow and Daniel Martin started with the municipality’s planning department on July 27.

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the July 27 meeting of Bowen Island Council.


Dogs will likely only have a few more weeks to freely roam Snug Cove.

Council unanimously passed first, second and third reading of a new on-leash policy for the Cove after a vast majority of public responses were in favour of the bylaw amendment.

Of the 26 people who responded to council’s request for input, 88 per cent said they wanted dogs in the Cove to be on a leash.

A three-year review of aggressive dog reports revealed that all incidents involved dogs that weren’t on a leash and that a disproportionate number took place in the Cove.

Final reading is expected to take place at the September 14 meeting and, if passed, will be affective immediately. However, there will be a period of transition and education in the weeks following the rule change.

The on-leash area will include Bowen Trunk Road to Carter Road, past BICS to the recycling depot, down Miller Road to the Abbyfield area, and access areas to Metro Vancouver parks (where dogs are already supposed to be on a leash). It does not apply to private lands. Dog owners will be subject to fines of $25 for a first offence, $50 for a second offence within a 12 month period, and $150 for a third offence within a 12 month period. 


New planning staff

Council welcomed two new members to the island’s planning department: Daniel Martin and Emma Chow. 

Martin’s previous posting was as a planner in Kitimat; before that he was the development director for the Salsbury Community Society in Vancouver and worked on a rental housing report for the BC Non-Profit Housing Association. He says he and his wife, who are expecting their first child in October, are really looking forward to raising their family on the island. 

His new co-worker started her career in a small Vancouver Island port, worked for the city of Lloydminster and more recently was with a private consulting firm in Alberta, working on comprehensive land use plans. 


Eagle Cliff driveway

Council allowed an amendment to reposition the driveway and garage of a steeply sloped property in Eagle Cliff. The land owner had already received permission for the garage and retaining wall, which are behind a new concrete barrier. An engineer created an access plan that would allow a vehicle to make a three-point turn and therefore not have to back onto the road.

The Eagle Cliff Community Association expressed concern about the safety of the entire development application and encroachment on public property along Eagle Cliff Road. Staff, however, recommended allowing the variation and is working with the land owner to mitigate concerns.


Snug Cove House

A dozen proponents of Snug Cove House applauded when council agreed to allow the Miller Road seniors housing project to hook up to municipal water and sewers. 

Council also agreed to explore the municipality’s financial contribution to the housing development.

Staff hopes to bring various funding options forward for council discussion as soon as possible. This would include negotiations about infrastructure costs.


Bowen Court 

Bowen Court has asked for permission to expand its parking area onto municipal land and look into the possibility of creating better access for garbage removal.

Staff will look into any issues, such as liability, and report to council.


Have your say with Islands Trust

Councillor Sue-Ellen Fast reminded everyone that the Islands Trust is welcoming input into its new strategic plan to set priorities on how to allocate resources and guide future decisions. 

The Trust’s executive committee will discuss the strategic plan at its quarterly meeting on Bowen Island on September 15.

Go to to comment before the August 10 deadline.