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Update: Unattended campfire likely caused Thursday morning fire at Bowen's Apodaca Park

Bowen Island firefighters responded to the park fire and managed to put out the flames

Bowen Island Fire Rescue were alerted to a fire at Apodaca Park on the island's east side shortly before 8 am this morning after a paddleboarder called 911 to report the flames. A six-person firefighter team arrived on the scene by water taxi and succeeded in putting out the fire. 

A person on-scene had begun efforts to put out the fire when the Fire Rescue team arrived, at which point firefighters took over and finished dousing the blaze. In total the fire had reached a size of around three metres by three metres, and took place at a campsite at the park. There was no damage to any structures but some moss on the park bluffs was burned off. 

Fire Chief Aaron Hanen says the cause of the fire "looked like a campfire that was left unattended."

"We would sure like people who are going to be camping at that campground to not be using fires. It's not allowed there, and we hope people would abide by that," added Hanen. 

In a release Thursday afternoon the municipality said they've been in touch with both the Sea Kayak Association of BC and the BC Marine Trails Society about the fire. The campsite where the fire took place was completed recently and linked Bowen Island to the Sea to Sky Marine Trail. 

The municipality added they contacted BC Parks to make sure notices about fire safety and risks are posted at the provincial park, and discuss what to do in any future fire scenarios. Campfires are not legal at the park.