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Logging Show back on Bowen

Everyone is welcome to sign up or come out to watch the competitions this weekend
Gary first logging show
Gary Anderson competes in the crosscut saw competition during the first Logging Show in 2015.

Logger sports are returning to Bowen Island this Saturday with the 6th annual Logging Show at Veterans Park.

“We’re definitely all pretty excited to get back into it,” says Kelly Miller, one of the organizers of the event and member of the Bowen Island Logger Sports Society.

“A lot of events have been cancelled, so it’s just exciting to get back and get everybody together again.”

Logger sports have been no stranger to the wave of live event cancellations taking place since the pandemic began. When the last Logging Show wrapped up in July 2019, there was no indication there wouldn’t be another one for three years.

But now the event is back, and most importantly so are the competitors, fans and volunteers. “All the loggers around in different communities are excited to do lumberjack sports,” says Miller. “We’ve got people coming from Powell River and Vancouver Island and Squamish.”

The Bowen Logging Show edition began in 2015 when Gary Anderson put together the inaugural event. “It was a one man show at that point, he made it all happen himself,” says Miller.

That first year saw several competitors, including Miller and Anderson, and many more fans. In the years since, both numbers have continued to grow.

“We’ve all just jumped on the train and have been helping over the years. It’s just been a lot of word of mouth and then going to other shows,” says Miller.

“You make connections and then people hear about it… Each year we get more and more people involved.”

The main events this year are set to be axe throwing and sawing events, especially the team competitions. Miller says the pole climb is also pretty popular.

Anyone can enter, including the day of if they’re at the park by 8 am. Competitors and volunteers are treated to breakfast before elimination competitions start at 9.

At 11 am the action will pause for the opening ceremony, featuring a bagpipe performance, before competition resumes.

Fans will have food and drink options available, including a beer and wine tent with the proceeds going to Bowen Island Gymnastics. There’s also a kids area organized by Phoenix Books.

Shuttle service is available between Veterans Park and the Cove between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm.