Bowen remains “very safe” despite increase in crime rates

RCMP Corporal Nancy Joyce appeared before council this week to report on the crime statistics on Bowen Island for 2013. Both assault and poperty crimes increased this year due to a few reported incidents. Corporal Joyce told council that not all crimes are reported, so the statistics cannot be taken to be 100 percent accurate, but it does appear that Bowen remains an extremely safe community.

Violent crime rose 18 percent on Bowen in 2013. Two additional cases of reported domestic violence are responsible for this increase (in 2012 there was just one reported case of domestic violence on Bowen). Last year, there were 13 reports of assault in total. Assault includes any kind of physical violence, including threats of physical violence.

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Property crime rose 29% in 2013 due to two additional cases of residential breaking and entering, as well as "mischief to property under $5000." These incedents, Joyce told Council, are more commonly known as "tagging" and were committed by young offenders who went through the North Shore Restorative Justice (NRSJ) program as opposed to being charged and sent to court. Corporal Joyce says this is the preferred method of dealing with young offenders, and she has received positive feedback from both the victims of these crimes and offenders who have been through the program. Joyce urged council to make a contribution to NSRJ so that in future, Bowen Islanders going through their programs might have the option of staying on-Island for them and therefore speeding up the process.

There were 10 people reported missing on Bowen this past year. Corporal Joyce told council these were mostly people who lost their way on Mount Gardiner and did not return when expected.

Joyce told council that the RCMP is continuing its efforts to reduce substance abuse on Bowen, increase road safety, and preventing youth involvement in crimes.

From the RCMP 2013 Bowen Island Crime Statistics:

2012 2013

All assault 10 13

Auto theft 2 3

Bicycle theft 3 0

Intoxicated in public 14 5

Posession of Cocaine 0 0

Motor vehicle accidents 0 3
(with injuries)

Impaired driving 9 8

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