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Stoking the arts on Bowen in 2021: the Hearth

The Hearth is planning an exciting year ahead
Art of people looking at art

Many of us are missing the sound of people spilling out of a live concert or artist celebration, gathering together to sing, play, paint, write — revelling in the collective experience of culture and the arts. The vibrance and resilience of our community is, in large part, because it is infused with the work of artists, performers and musicians.

As we pivot and reimagine new and creative ways to rebuild and connect through the arts, the Hearth continues to support our local artists and arts organizations. As an umbrella organization, the Hearth sponsors artists, groups and organizations so that they may offer the quality cultural experiences we are blessed with on Bowen. We are honoured to play a lead role in forwarding arts and culture on Bowen Island.

But of course, none of what we have achieved and plan for could be done without the support of our members and volunteers. You are imperative to the work we do in building community on Bowen and for that we applaud and thank you. We are better together.

We invite islanders to join us, or if you haven’t yet, to renew your membership today, to enable the Hearth to continue to shine and do the work we do. We are grateful to you for keeping your membership up to date. These funds help to ensure our services and programs can continue to thrive and your donations are also welcome. Revenue generated through memberships and donations support our artists and our arts community and helps build a stronger cultural fabric for Bowen. 

We are planning an exciting year and we look forward to being together again soon. We anticipate moving into phases of less physical distancing and aim to resume some social activities as the year unfolds (with adapted ways of gathering safely) as we plan our programs and events. We have an impressive lineup of exhibitions for 2021.

Subscribe to the Hearth newsletter by visiting the website and click on the ‘sign up’ button to get the latest arts and culture happenings in the community and beyond. An annual membership is $25 for an individual, $35 for a family. Memberships and donations can be purchased through the website at

Believe. It’s possible here.