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Mr. Weston, Aquaculture is illogical

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to MP John Weston's insightful and interesting letter in last week's Undercurrent. There were things in it I agree with and things I don't. Let's see what we can agree upon and go from there.

Let’s get our community priorities straight

Dear Editor, As a relatively new Bowener (3 years), I haven't been a part of the planning for the new community centre, but I've heard the main components include a new municipal hall and a theatre.

This week in Undercurrent history

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A nice team effort

Dear Editor, As a two-time Chamber of Commerce Booster of the Year recipient, I was particularly moved and impressed by the recent efforts of a number of individuals and local businesses for the manner in which they all got on board to support the St

International Women’s Day on this tiny island

When I looked on my calendar last week I noticed that Saturday, March 8th, is International Women's Day.

Editorial bias

This issue of the Undercurrent has unintentionally morphed into the "ocean edition.

Resuming salmon aquaculture in BC

When first elected in 2008, it didn't take me long to understand the importance of fisheries in our riding. With several well-versed local volunteers, we formed the "Sea-to-Sky Fisheries Roundtable" to bolster my service to constituents on fisheries.

Success is a community effort

On behalf of the members of the High Bar Gang, I would like to express our gratitude to the community for helping us have a successful concert on Bowen Island on Sunday night.

Being in the world, in italics, with Marcus Hondro

Sometimes it just feels right in this space to go out and simply be in the world, to chronicle whatever may occur and whomsoever it may occur with. But what if nothing much is happening on Bowen, you ask? Well, I just put that down.

I changed my mind

A massive life change will either unearth who you are or bury you. It's the big ticket items that become glaringly apparent. All the other extraneous life details drop away like dirt off your boots. What's left are the things that make you tick.