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Too bad about the headline

Dear Editor, Thank you for your coverage of the rezoning of Lot 2 and associated OCP changes, which will allow for a future community campus, townhomes, and apartments in the heart of Snug Cove.

The Official Community Plan and herons

Dear Editor, Last week Sue Ellen Fast wrote, "Meanwhile municipal council is amending Bowen's official community plan to re-designate the nest site in Crippen Park from park use to commercial." While Ms.

Earth Day #34

If you search for images of the first Earth Day, in 1970, you will find photos of enormous crowds equaling almost ten percent of the US population, gathered to express their support for the planet and their belief in protecting it.
Ron Woodall's cartoon

Ron Woodall's cartoon

April 18, 2014

A thaw in relations

Spring is here. The daffodils are out in full bloom and, our island’s ice-block of civility has officially melted. That’s right, it’s been a quiet winter here on our Happy Isle.

This week in Undercurrent history

25 years ago in the Undercurrent In the “As it Was” section Jan Le Roy was quoted from a piece she had written in Undercurrent Volume V, Number 8, April 13, 1979.

Writing about writing

I believe I’ve written compelling and highly informative stories on important subjects of late on Digital Journal, the online news site I sometimes write for.
Mortality of sea stars in the Salish Sea Ecosystem

Mortality of sea stars in the Salish Sea Ecosystem

Dear Editor, The March 27, 2014 article entitled “A constellation of a keystone species” referenced a decline in abundance of the purple sea star (Pisaster ochraceus) in recent decades and mentioned that the purple sea star had not suffered as much a

Thank you and congratulations to John Hazell

Dear Editor, The Rotary Club of Bowen Island congratulated John Hazell on 10 April 2014 for outstanding service above self to the Club, to Bowen Island, and to the international community and awarded him a Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire Award.

Shhh - Nesting Herons

Dear Editor- It has been an eventful week since the heron article on the Undercurrent’s front page. Last Friday a food delivery truck dropped a ramp with a loud clang.