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LETTER: We need community more than ever, centre will nurture it

Dear Editor: This June marks my 27th year living on Bowen Island and I know the drive to build a community centre had historical precedent even then.

LETTER: Mulling over pros and cons of this community centre project

Dear Editor: Community centre plan pros: It would bring to fruition a long desired facility. The first serious design came forward in 1992 (Don Nicolson) at 14,000 sq feet and $4.8 million.

LETTER: On the edge of achieving great things

Dear Editor: Bowen Island is on the edge of achieving great things, things that the community has wanted and needed for decades.

LETTER: Community centre a vision 30 years in the making

Dear Editor, Could anyone on Bowen Island still have any doubt regarding the Community Center Project Bylaw No 477, 2019 and not vote “yes” in the next referendum? It is the achievement of more than 30 years of community vision and effort to own a ce

LETTER: ‘Let’s find our heart as a community’

Dear Editor: Community. That’s what we are. By a simple definition, a community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonality such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity.

LETTER: ‘No project on the island has been more exhaustively vetted,' Sept. 3 letter reaction

Dear Editor: I feel compelled to respond to last week’s letter from Steve Rio.

LETTER: Sept. 3 letter mischaracterizes performing arts and community space

Dear Editor: Steve Rio does a disservice in his Sept. 3 letter. Not because of his opinions, but because of the mischaracterization of the 2600 sq. ft. Performing Arts & Community Space (PACS) as a ‘dream of a very small percentage of the island’.

LETTER: No adequate public venue for performing arts on-island

Dear Editor: We at Kingbaby Theatre are thrilled by the opportunity before us to finally realize a dedicated space for the performing arts on Bowen Island.
LETTER: Proposal doesn’t offer a community centre

LETTER: Proposal doesn’t offer a community centre

Dear Editor: I am confused and misinformed by facts presented to date, showing variations of municipal halls, performing arts centers but no community centre.

LETTER: Cynicism is a comfortable chair: reacting to Sept. 3 letter on community centre

Dear Editor: Last week, Steve Rio asked an interesting question.