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What a way to welcome the summer

Dear editor and community, What a wonderful experience we had at the first annual Green Man Festival!! We were overwhelmed by the support of Bowen Island this Saturday at our first annual Green Man Festival.

Knick Knack Nook

You gave your valances to the KK Nook. They were beautiful yellow and red and green print so I bought them. I made them into covers for heating packs to give to my daughter in the hospital. It was easy since I used some of your seams.

Working collaboratively on Mannion Bay

Dear Editor, While I appreciated the May 16th article re the initiative to clean up Mannion Bay, as one who has long expressed concern for the deteriorating condition of this key public amenity/area I disagree with the suggestion in the article, and
Cartoon: May 16, 2014

Cartoon: May 16, 2014

A water treatment plant, and other costs

Dear Editor: Recent letters from Bowen Island Municipality and the Cove Bay Water System Public Advisory Committee to the 630 existing users (30 more to come with Belterra Co-Housing) have indicated that our present base cost of $600 per hookup for u

Islanders co-operating

Dear Editor, Thank you for your article on the fabulous business women of Artisan Square. They are a fantastic model of cooperation and success.

Heron protection

Dear Editor: In support of Sue Ellen Fast and others of the Bowen Heron Watch, I want to add my voice to those in favor of some accommodation during the few short months of heron’s nesting season.

Fraud protection tips

This is a letter that was written to the community of Bowen Island from a person who fraudulently represented themselves as collecting money for a charity.

This week in Undercurrent history

25 years ago in the Undercurrent A new fire truck was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, May 20. The truck was to be escorted by a pipe band and it was hoped that many cheering people would welcome the truck off the ferry in the Cove.

Reprise: Early ferry

Today, it is May 13. I rode the 5:30 a.m. ferry. It’s an ungodly hour to be on a ferry, or anywhere but in a bed. The first time on the 5:30 a.m., in July of 2006, I chronicled my trip.