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Here's what it was like to visit Stanley Park in 1959 (VIDEO)

Take a five-and-a-half minute video trek through some prime locations within Vancouver's Stanley Park
Stanley Park 1959

One of Vancouver's shining jewels, Stanley Park has been a popular destination in the city for decades, and more. With its majestic trees, waterfront vistas, and plenty for everyone to do, this beautiful city park endures as a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike.

So what would it have been like to roam Stanley Park sixty years ago? You can take a five-and-a-half minute trek through some prime locations within the greenspace thanks to this video from 1959.

You'll recognize some spots - like Siwash Rock, for example - but a big portion of the footage focuses on somewhere that's long gone: The Stanley Park Zoo. There's been a long history of animals being kept in Stanley Park, though the Zoo reached peak popularity in the 1970s before being phased out by the mid- to late 1990s.

Take a stroll back in time in Stanley Park:

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