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Coho returns to Bowen Island were 'excellent' this year

Terminal Creek Hatchery also received 100,000 eyed chum eggs to care for over the winter
Troughs of Terminal Creek Hatchery
Terminal Creek Fish Hatchery.

While chum salmon spawner returns to the Lagoon and Davies Creek this Fall were average with a few dozen sightings, coho returns have been excellent. 

Many coho spawners have been sighted at the Causeway and the bottom of the Bridal Veil Falls fish ladder. 

Adult chum and coho wild salmon sighted this fall and winter were released as fry from the Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery in Crippen Park three or four years ago.

On that note, a Department of Fisheries and Oceans Salmon Enhancement Program community advisor delivered the 100,000 eyed chum eggs to a small number of Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club volunteers Dec. 18. 


Tim Pardee pours some salmon eggs into Denise Richards' handsTerminal Creek Hatchery volunteers receive salmon eggs in 2019. . By File


The eggs were safely placed in hatchery incubation trays and will be cared for on a daily basis by BIFWC volunteers throughout the winter and spring then released into Bowen waterways as salmon fry. 

BIFWC volunteers look forward to raising wild salmon at the hatchery every year. This season will be different because, due to COVID-19, the number of volunteers in the hatchery is limited to a maximum of two at any one time. Of course, volunteers will physically distance and follow all health guidelines. Importantly, there will be no public tours or school events at the hatchery this season. Salmon will get all of our attention!

Happy holidays and all the best throughout the New Year.