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Meet your Bowen Island Neighbours: Gordon Ganong

Our Q&A continues

When did you come to Bowen? 


How did you come to be here?

Long story. We were living in Red Deer Alberta. We were driving through to see Joyce’s mom and dad in Abbotsford. We would drive straight through and then we would manage to spend time with them, take them on errands, etc, etc. All kinds of things that you do with care of elderly people. And then we talked and said, you know, why don’t we manage to go and have some fun – or at least take in some of the weather and whatnot. Joyce found a cottage, here on Bowen, that was rented out by the week. We ended up booking that cottage, drove on out, dealt with her parents and then drove to Bowen. Joyce had spent a lot of time in West Vancouver, in North Vancouver, but had never been to Bowen. So we came for the week. And one of the things that we always do, and we were looking at moving from Red Deer, is that we looked at real estate, and we found this piece of property. We went back to Joyce’s parents’ place, looked after them for the next few days and as we were going back to Alberta, we received the notice that we had the property. We put an offer in on it obviously and then put our house up for sale in in Red Deer. And we started looking for a contractor to build a house.

Where on Bowen do you live?

We’re at the end of Taylor Road. It’s actually waterfront – we have a view of West Vancouver.

Fill the ferry lineup gap or don’t fill the gap?

Since council changed the ruling on that, we fill the gap.

What’s your favourite Bowen fact or story? 

Actually, one of the most interesting [things] that I have ever seen, because we do look over the water, was a submarine managing to come by.

Tell me more! 

There was one time, it’s got to be eight or 10 years ago, that there was a submarine that was on the surface heading over towards Horseshoe Bay. And then went north.

Any idea where the submarine was from or what it was?

 I do believe that it was a Canadian submarine. It was not huge. 

And if it’s not that (fact or story), I really enjoy the bird life here – the eagles and the hummingbirds. We even have hummingbirds all year round.

What do Bowen Islanders have in common ?

 It’d have to be the community and the connections that they get from that community. And, I would think that they would like the environment and the calmness and the forests.

What’s your favourite COVID-19 balm or activity? 

It has been gardening. But until recently, that just hasn’t been possible during the winter. Vegetable gardening that is. However, through the winter, I’ve watched an awful lot of television. And Dr. Henry and the U.S. election. So much has happened.

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