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Meet your Bowen Island neighbours: Owen Plowman

Our weekly Q&A continues
Owen Plowman
Owen Plowman on his bike at Killarney Lake.

When did you come to Bowen?

We came to Bowen to live here on the 10:30 a.m. ferry on Sunday, May 9, 2004. I know all of the details because it was such a memorable day, because it really changed my life. 

How did you come to be here?

Well, we did it by accident. We were just looking to see what kind of places we could get with a larger garden for when we retire. So we decided we would just go out and look and see what you could get for your dollar. And we found this house on Bowen Island, and I said to Doug, we should buy it now. And he said no. And we ended up buying it.

You said it changed your life – how so? What was that shift?

We got out of the city, we were living in North Vancouver, and it brought us to a beautiful place with a lovely collection of neighbours and peace and tranquillity and a lovely garden to work in.

Where on Bowen do you live?

At the end of Cates Hill Road. 

Fill the ferry lineup gap or don’t fill the gap?

I always fill the gap.

What’s your favourite Bowen fact or story?

My favourite Bowen fact is that we used to have a dynamite factory. 

I don’t know what my favourite story is because there are a lot of them. I think that the really memorable thing that happened to me once was that we were going to a wedding in New York. And we got overloaded on the ferry; we were about the third car in the line. And I realized that I hadn’t packed any pants for the trip. I just had jeans on but I was going to a wedding. I went to talk to Paul Rickett at the Beer and Wine Store to see if I could borrow his car to go to my house and there was a lady who said, “Here, take my truck and just bring it back and put the keys over the sun visor.” And I was able to do that, get two pairs of dress pants, all without losing my space in line. And we made the wedding and everything was fine. But if we hadn’t been overloaded, I would have been in serious trouble trying to find dress pants in New York that fit.

What’s something Bowen Islanders have in common?

Strong opinions. It’s interesting because we all have our different opinions about everything. And some of them are really diametrically opposed. But when there’s something important, which affects how we live on the island, or what’s going on, we tend to all pull together and rally around. So you may be talking in a group with somebody that you vehemently disagree with on two or three topics, but the one you’re there in the group for, you’re all in absolute alignment and agreement. So that’s great.

What’s your favourite COVID-19 balm or activity?

I bought an e-bike so for the last year or so I’ve been exploring almost every day different parts of the island. And I’ve found places, I’ve found roads that I didn’t know existed with houses on them. I’ve found things that are really fantastic to see around the Crown lands and I’m really enjoying going out and biking. I do that a lot with Doug as well.

Do you have a favourite spot you’ve discovered? Or do you not want to reveal that?

I can’t tell you because then everybody will be there. I can tell you that my favourite beach is September Morn.

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