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In the Community

Kingbaby offers cure for island discord

Bowen is a crazy place these days. The island appears to be psychically split right down the middle between old and new, green and blue and me and you. The discord needs to be healed and Kingbaby Theatre thinks they have the cure.

All about publishing at Write on Bowen

To publish or not to publish? That is the question. And sooner or later, all writers ask it.

Upcoming sale offers books for every taste

Coming soon is the event that book lovers have been waiting for: the annual BookFest in its new site in the spacious BICS gym. The sale opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 28 and closes at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 29. Mysteries and thrillers . . .

Spruced up for spring

The month of April was a very busy period for members of the Memorial Garden Society. Volunteers helped to clear away fallen debris accumulated during the winter months, removing the moss creeping over the edges of the pathways.

The courage to create

Bowen Island's Tuesday Art Workshop members are excited to once again present "The Courage to Create" at Bowen Court in May.

New energy infuses school library

"In waves of fiction and non-fiction, the school library sea ebbs, pulses, crashes, erodes; it deposits and builds, creating and recreating each school's cultural and educational heritage, the broadest and best of 'old' and 'new.

2010 provided challenges and opportunities for chamber of commerce

In 2010, the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce accomplished a great deal while facing some challenges.

Nature Club goes on a watershed quest

Join the Bowen Island Nature Club and the Bowen Conservancy on Sunday, May 15 for a family outing to discover all about Bowen Island's largest watershed. The Grafton Lake watershed supplies drinking water to much of the island's residents.

April showers dump 122 mm of rain

Here are the highs and lows, as far as the weather is concerned, for April 2011. Maximum temperature: 17C Minimum temperature: 1C Maximum wind chill: -8C Maximum wind gust: 22kph Total rainfall: 122.

Choir concert to bring a little sunshine

Need a little sunshine? The Bowen Island Community Choir is approaching its twentieth anniversary and has come a long way since those early days.