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Gallery features local landscapes

With the hiatus from school and, for some, an abundance of free time, the travelling bug has bit many islanders. Off they go, to Europe or Hawaii seeking escape from cloudy and rainy BC.

An experience of a lifetime

While travelling to Nicaragua with my global education class at West Van Secondary, I learned and studied many things. One of our main experiences was seeing the lifestyles of many families living in Balgue, Nicaragua on Ometepe Island.

BowFEAST: how to?

The time to feast on Bowen blackberries, tomatoes, carrots, crab and kale is coming soon! BowFEAST 2011 is August 15 to 21, with a community farmers' market on Sat., Aug. 20, 9 am to noon, on the library lawn.

Under the Sea makes a splash

Ever seen a killer whale jawbone? Or how about feel sharkskin? Maybe it's time to touch a sea otter pelt? Under the Sea! On August 27, Bowfest will be a spectacular splash with its Under the Sea theme.

Composting at home pays green dividends

Have you ever questioned why our food and garden waste is trucked off island while soil made elsewhere from those same materials is, at considerable expense, trucked back to the island for our gardens? Many of us are questioning and want to change th

Practice green now open

In late September 2011 the Bowen Island Golf Club started constructing a new practice putting green that was part of the winning application submitted to the First Credit Union $10K Giveaway.

Firemen can get you home after dock dance

It looks like the weather will play its part to make this year's dock dance a roaring success. Bowen's Wasabi Fox will kick off the evening with a great selection of energetic tunes. This act will be followed by Dr.

Summer means BowFEAST - and zucchini

Someone once told me, never leave your car window unrolled in the cove in summertime; someone will inevitably drop a bag of zucchini on the seat and run. Summer means many things.

Pennies for Bowen - the results are in!

BICS students certainly jumped whole-heartedly into the idea of putting their pennies together for Bowen! On the day that Pennies for Bowen was launched, one boy shared his worry that his class had already filled his classroom jar with pennies, and t

Train and register for Run for Rwanda: a community event for a good cause

Fed up with the unreliable weather this summer? Runners (and walkers) will tell you that at least the temperatures have made good conditions for trail running and hiking.