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In the Community

Pamoja teams up with local charity

In 1999, after a life-changing trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro in northeastern Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa, Bowen Island resident Amrita Sondhi experienced a fervent impulse to help the African people.

Exploring fairness in art, dance, history, society and finances

There was a fresh breeze by the water in Crippen Park on Saturday, April 2. Six sheets of organza fabric, strung between poles of driftwood, flapped in the wind forming ever-changing patterns of shadows beneath them.

Celebrate spring with arts programs

Spring is sprung, and that means there's a host of new arts programming cropping up. Just in time for Easter, Saffron Gurney of Serious Play is offering an egg decorating class for younger artists, from ages two to 12.

Coming here to get away

There was a time not so very long ago when a sweet voice would occasionally ring out on the rock of Bowen. In cafe and pub, in living rooms and on lawns.

Easter bunny to visit Bowen

Start your Easter long weekend off with a celebration! Bowen Island Community Recreation's annual Easter Egg Hunt is happening soon with a few new twists.

Take a walk on the art side

The Bowen Island Arts Council thinks everyone should just take a hike. Well, they are suggesting residents would enjoy indulging in a Bowen Art Walk.

Broadway on Bowen

A few years ago, actor/singer/producer Heather Hodson said to her friends, "Wouldn't it be great to do a Broadway cabaret here on Bowen?" Leaving that heartfelt plea out there, Hodson went on with her business.

Bowen to the rescue!

Late last December, the call went out: a dog rescue group in northern Alberta was desperate for foster homes for pregnant dogs being rescued from a reserve, where they were living outdoors in Arctic temperatures.

Bowen Roots to help earthquake victims

On March 11, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northeast Japan triggered a ferocious tsunami that caused massive destruction, obliterated cities, sparked major fires and killed thousands of people.

Former mayors talk about what itÂ’s like to live in a national park

As Bowen draws closer to deciding whether or not to begin the process of becoming a national park, Stephen Foster of the national park community advisory committee (NPCAC) has assembled an evening of two speakers and a forum for discussion and questi