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In the Community

‘Preserve Crippen’ petition garners 1,021 signatures

Organizers of the petition to keep Crippen Park as a regional park, outside of Parks Canada's proposed national park reserve boundary, say that 1,021 eligible Bowen Island voters have signed the petition.

Show strives to avert, convert and subvert

The Gallery @ Artisan Square will be showing the work of David Luksha in an exhibition entitled Avert Convert Subvert, April 1 to April 24. David Luksha has shown his work extensively throughout Canada, as well as in Belgium and New York.

Children's Centre receives $27,000 in funding

LORRAINE ASHDOWN Contributing Writer Ann Silberman, executive director of the Bowen Island Children's Centre, is breathing a sigh of relief. Recently the centre received a $27,000 grant from the Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General.

Belterra rezoning application presented to council

Planning and building a home can be stressful for a family. But for Stephanie Legg and Roger McGillivray, the process of working together with multiple families to plan Belterra Cohousing has been a rewarding experience.

Village Baker reveals recipe for longetivity

Over the last 10 years, the Village Baker has indomitably kneaded the ingredients of perseverance, hard work and humour and now it is time to celebrate their first decade of business on Bowen Island.

CAWES cats need new homes

Missy and Penny are being given up due to family's allergies. Missy is an affectionate nine-year-old tabby with green eyes. Best as an only cat. Okay with dogs. Gets along with kids but prefers adult company. She is very affectionate.

Mallory Smith was one of Bowen's revered elders

KATIE SMITH MILWAY Last Thursday two of Bowen Island's great personalities had an unlikely crossing at Lion's Gate Hospital: Bob Turner, our mayor, was recovering in Room 623 from a hip replacement as Mallory Smith, a well-known civic engager and 40-

February's highs and lows

ERIC LAWSON Weather Watcher Here are the highs and lows of February 2011: Maximum temperature: 12 Minimum temperature: -6 Maximum wind chill: -26 Maximum wind gust: 32kph Total rainfall:132.8mm Folklore: Dogs' tails straighten when rain is near.

An Artistic Explosion: Artisan Square and Beyond

LORRAINE ASHDOWN Contributing Writer An explosion of colour, texture and intrigue is our midst.

Teun Schut is living his dream

It looks like this is the place where Teun Schut likes to be - downstairs in his studio, surrounded by recording equipment, computers, a couple of keyboards and a few guitars. He looks so comfortable here, with his eyes closed, playing the guitar.