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Twenty best wedding party songs

With wedding season now upon us, we must address a vital but oft-overlooked aspect of the special day: The wedding music. Since not everyone can afford a wedding band or even for a DJ, many will rely on their iPods to rock the dance floor.

Six "Gentle Giant" dog breeds

For all the bad news about dogs lately – stolen pets , maligned pooches and a misguided call for a nationwide ban of pit bulls – it’s easy to pin the blame on certain breeds.

Check out Canada’s best-selling cars

If you’re in the market for a new car, and are keen to maintain a semblance of originality while cruising the highway, it might be best to avoid the vehicles on this list. Then again, this list is Canada-wide, so you B.C. folks might be OK.

Offering help with mental health

The Caring Circle is pleased to report hat there was such a robust response to our mental health survey. We would like to thank those who attended the Forum and also thank those who filled out the survey.

Desperate? Check these six last-minute Mother’s Day ideas

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, which means, if you haven’t planned something already, you’re shaping up to look preeeeetty shoddy in the eyes of the woman who gave you life.

Help create mental health programming on Bowen

The Caring Circle wants to make sure that Bowen Islanders can access the health-help they need, and that includes help with mental health.
Vancouver was different back then

Vancouver was different back then

In the early 60s, a family trip downtown was a journey into a pulsating neon wonderland, and on a rainy night the reflections on the slick, wet road from such iconic signs as “Helen’s Fashions,” “Balmoral Hotel”, and the “Smilin’ Buddha” captured my

Free hand workshop

Hands up, everyone! Who has stiffness in the thumbs and fingers? Who has a problem with Tennis elbow or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Physiotherapist, Sandy Logan and Occupational Therapist, Winnie Sin are pleased to present a Hand workshop on April 12, 20

Positively Fit super-hero

Superwoman comes to mind when I think of Emily McCullum. No, she’s not marathoner or an Ironwoman, and doesn’t leap buildings in a single bound. Emily is stronger than all of that as her healthy approach to life exceeds muscular strength.

Lights out for better sleep and health

On Bowen, we have an asset that very few communities have. We live in a dark place. Yes, in the short days of winter that can be difficult. But at night, it may be a very good thing indeed.