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The empowering experience of a fresh perspective

Nutritionist Lisa Marie Bhattacharya arrived at my house last week to build me a nutritional plan, a new approach to this unfamiliar body.
Local nutritionist reveals secrets of Kefir

Local nutritionist reveals secrets of Kefir

Registered holistic nutritionist Lisa-Marie Battacharya was not always a healthy eater. “Growing up my mother restricted sugar, so as I got older I rebelled and became a candy and junkfood addict,” says Battacharya.

Clinging to the rock

“Even as a kid I had this feeling that something was not quite right, but I never really knew what it was. I remember I had lots of tummy aches; I was sort of twitchy during the day and made my mother crazy at night with my nightmares.

Through the kitchen window: Amrita Sondhi

There are so many people on Bowen who not only love to eat, but love to cook. While some of our foodie friends kindly offer us the opportunity to taste their food by opening up restaurants, there are so many others whose food-lives are unknown to us.

Plan to Love Your Health

Like all good habits in life, a successful lifestyle change takes more planning, and yes, more effort than the singular focus of committing to a regular workout. Bring in the other two pillars of wellness: healthy refueling and quality rest.

This East Van gem will enslave your tastebuds

Why do I like Asian food so much? The roots of my obsession lie in early childhood. I grew up in Burnaby in the '60s, when it was still almost as wild as Bowen Island.

Rob Bailey’s take on city food

I like food. A lot. My idea of fun is going to a fish market. I know the difference between a dice and a chiffonade. I chalk up this interest up to my early career as a musician.

Rob and Laurel Bailey as chefs on TV

Bowen Island's Bailey family is known as having musicians (Rob) and actors (Laurel); it turns out that they also have chefs. TV chefs no less. Rob and Laurel Bailey will be on a new show called Family Cook Off on Canada's Food Network.

Come and watch the Paris sun set on Bowen

The American singer Josephine Backer adopted France as her home land and sung "J'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris".