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Bowen ferry lineup being slightly adjusted Monday and Tuesday

A ferry marshal will be on scene to assist drivers with the changes
A map showing where ferry lineup traffic will be temporarily diverted from Bowen Island Trunk Road to Cardena Drive.

The front of the ferry lineup off-island will shift for the next two days to the neighbouring road. 

Instead of parking in the usual spots at the end of Bowen Island Trunk Road, early birds to all sailings between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm on Dec. 5-6 will be directed to lineup on Cardena Drive. A ferry marshal will be in place to help direct vehicles to the new line.

The temporary switch is being made to allow room for environmental contractors to take core samples of the Trunk Road area. They're seeing if fuel tanks that used to be stored in the area have caused any ground contamination. 

Parking along Cardena Drive and over to Venture Road is expected to be disrupted. The two lanes coming off the ferry in Snug Cove will also be moved over one lane to accommodate the contractors. 

Environmental contractors working in Snug Cove on Monday afternoon, Dec. 5. They're taking core samples along Bowen Island Trunk Road to see if there is any ground contamination from fuel tanks previously stored in the area. / Alex Kurial