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Local News

Chum are back

Bill Newport, Tim Pardee and Jim Bydak of the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club have been looking closely at local creeks.

What to do with food scraps

Around 900 island residents put out food scraps to be collected by Bowen Waste Services, according to Don Marshall, chair of the Solid Waste Resource Management Advisory Committee (SWRMAC) and the committee is taking a close look at the choices of ei

Priority loading for lab technicians

LifeLab technicians Shannon Faust and Kristie Malkin would like Bowen Island residents to be aware of the fact that they have priority loading on the 9:30 a.m.

Bowen family wins IPad

The Bowen Island Undercurrent's new publisher, Mary Kemmis, presents Vera Keogh and her daughter Enya with an IPad. Vera Keogh's name was drawn from the 45 respondents to an online survey.

Province launches ferry consultation process

Bowen Islanders' interests in matters regarding the ferry are heightened at the moment, believes Alison Morse, municipal councillor and member of the Ferry Advisory Committee, and she wants to encourage them to participate in the public consultation

Communities in Sea to Sky riding face similar issues

On October 27, mayors and councillors from the West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky Country riding met with Member of Parliament John Weston to discuss "best practices in dealing with the federal government.

Islander submits invoice for lost time to BC Ferries

On October 21, BC Ferries received an invoice for $5,747.

Seaside cottage soon to be occupied by caretaker

After standing empty for a number of years, Seaside Cottage # 1 has a good chance of housing a Bowen Island resident again in the near future, just as soon as major repairs are completed.

Symbolizing wall of opposition

Bowen Island residents added their voices to protest against tar sands pipelines and tankers in Victoria and West Vancouver during the last week.

Double standards ?

At the Monday, October 22, council meeting, one of the agenda items concerned the rezoning application from J&E Backhoe Ltd. for the property known as Eddie's Pit. J&E Backhoe Ltd.