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Local News

Outdoor burning ban soon in effect

On Monday morning, Joanne Mogridge was on September Morn beach when she heard a child cry out. It turns out the child had stepped on a smouldering ember left over from a beachside campfire.

Spawning habitat gets a boost

Salmon go to great lengths to lay their eggs. And now, the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club has some money to help them.

Rotary Club bestows Piers Hayes with one of its highest honours

The charter president of Bowen Island's Rotary Club was presented with one of Rotary's highest awards of distinction.

Summer programs teach kids how to sail

School is out and it is about time for summer to truly start on Bowen Island. To help celebrate summer the Bowen Island Yacht Club has prepared many sailing programs for both children and adults.

Bowen Court has long-term plan but short-term needs

Bowen Court has a plan for its financial stability. It just can't implement that plan until the municipality builds a new sewer line along Miller Road.

Oscar the chameleon camps out at Artisan Square

If you happened to looked up into a honey locust tree in Artisan Square last Sunday June 26 and thought you saw a rather happy lookin veiled chameleon enjoying the view then, well, you probably did.

Four schemes, lots more opinions

Strong opinions abound when it comes to Snug Cove and the more than 120 islanders who attended the village design and ferry marshalling open houses didn't hold back.

Mayor's report: Budget addresses several needs

I use this mayor's report to provide a short update to the community on several important initiatives currently underway by the municipality.

Roads department fills in the cracks of aging system

Bowen has an aging road system, aging docks, damaged culverts and the need for pedestrian and cycling lanes. Safety improvements such as guard rails, rock and slope stabilization and traffic calming are also necessary.

Rotary offers trial-run weekend night bus

Last weekend, 16-year-old Bjorn Vik didn't have to worry about getting a ride home after work. He was able to catch the 10:30 p.m. night bus from Snug Cove to Bluewater. "It's really useful," he says.