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On the Calendar

SATURDAY OCTOBER 26 Free Paint and Hazardous Waste Recycling 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Bowen Building Centre and Bowen Waste Service will provide free paint recycling and hazardous waste disposal at the Building Centre, 1013 Grafton Road.


National Waste Reduction Week is October 21 to 26. Everyone in Canada is encouraged to be aware of how they manage their waste. We, on Bowen, can be proud of what we have accomplished in reducing our waste.

Knick, Knack Nook looking for new volunteers

It seems hard to believe that Knick Knack Nook, Bowen Island's Re-Use-It Store is approaching its 4th Anniversary.

Tir-na-nOg presents two weekends of longing with plays by John Patrick Shanley

"You're a little girl and you see the movies and maybe you talk to your mother and you definitely talk to your friends and then you know, right? So you go ahead and you do love.

The Slow Lane shuts itself up

I don't know exactly what the deal was with the Mayor telling a constituent to shut-up, twice. But I always liked our Mayor, and I still do.

An Apology

Dear Editor, Regarding my intemperate language at the last council meeting, the provocation coming from the spokesperson from the Stop the Docks campaign is not an excuse: I took the bait and used an inappropriate choice of words.

10 Humpback sitings reported from Bowen Island in the past 3 weeks

The BC Cetaceans Sitings Network says they've received 10 reports of a Humpback whale swimming in the waters around Bowen Island in the past three weeks.

Waste Management Committee scraps plans to compost food-waste on-Island

Every Wednesday, Bowen's food and garden scraps get hauled off the island to the North Shore Transfer Station.

Family Place celebrates and supports Bowen's breastfeeding Mammas

Family Place recently held another fun Breastfeeding Challenge and Celebration event.

Glynis Whiting brings mystery to the Gallery at Artisan Square

It might be said that an exceptionally astute sense of smell can be a gift or a curse. For Dr.